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Proverbs 29

I’m so proud of myself! I’m never ever wrong, and I’m always right. I know it all, and above all I stand. I love you, but only if you agree with everything I say. I love you, but only if you agree with everything I do.

I’m never wrong, so how dare you ever say that to me. I’ll cut you off and judge you harshly because you don’t deserve to be in the presence of one as righteous as me.

My arrogance has gotten me where I am. If I’m not important to myself, then to whom shall I be important? If I don’t love me, nobody else will. If you truly loved me, you would put me on the highest pedestal.

But, since you don’t quite measure up, it’s my job to tell you so. It’s my job to point out the least of your flaws, but don’t you dare try to point out mine. Yes, this is called pride.

I know the Book of Proverbs says that pride comes before a fall. I know because I know it all. I also know that pride will bring a man low. And humility brings a man honor.

Believe me, I know what the Scripture says better than you. But, I won’t let anyone walk all over me. I’ll never apologize or let you win. I’ll never say I’m sorry, nor let you in. God knows my heart. God knows I’m a good person. God loves me. It’s all about me!