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Proverbs 30

The Word of God speaks for itself. It is alive, therefore, it does not come back null and void. If you plant it into your spirit, it’s sharp like a double edged sword. It will cut away that part of you which is harmful to yourself and to others. But at the same time, it will heal your wounds and make you whole like never before.

Jesus said that no one is good but God, so we are not to get offended when we realize we are not. At our very core, we are self-centered beings. We are self-preserving, self-promoting, and self-driven. All of us.

In this state, we cannot be used by God to bless others. We cannot be open to correction. We cannot be humble. We cannot forgive.

In this state, we are far from God’s protection, and His wisdom is lost on us. Anger and bitterness metastasize like cancer within us, and our hearts grow cold.

Today’s chapter in Proverbs, like all the others, is food to our very souls. It always arrives right on time, whether we’re ready for it or not. Sometimes it’s difficult to swallow, and at other times it tastes so sweet. Either way, it is a veritable feast. Let it open our eyes to the truth of who we really are. And let us be made whole as a result. All of us.