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Proverbs 31

Is this the end? Yes, it is. But before we go, today’s chapter in Proverbs gives us a peek into a mother’s wisdom for her son. There are a few things she wants to make sure he knows... Don’t be a drunk.

Don’t give your power over to women.

And, be careful whom you choose to marry. In my opinion, the most important decision a man will ever make in his life is which young woman will become the mother of his children. A wife holds the keys to a man’s destiny and his legacy. His own mother knows this because she’s the one who has nurtured him to this point. She’s the one who carried him in her belly, just beneath her heart, for the better part of a year. She’s the one who fed him from the nourishment of her own breasts for the better part of another year. And, she’s the one who gave him the better part of herself for 20 years. So, of course her goal is for him to become a man of strength and character. Of course she wants him to find a wife deserving of all that she has poured into him. Of course she wants to know that the wife he chooses will continue building upon the strong foundation she worked tirelessly to lay. After all, this woman will benefit greatly from all of her hard work. Scripture calls this type of woman “virtuous.” And there’s a long list of qualities that define her. Young men, I encourage you to consider this list as you weigh your many options. You’ll recognize her by her deeds, not by her words. And young women, if you decide to become wives, I encourage you to take your positions with this list uppermost in your minds. Your future, and the future of your children, depend on it!