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Light of the world

Due to an electrical problem at my house, we had to begin the third chapter of Luke by candlelight last night. At first, it was a beautiful sight. The flames dancing in the background, casting an amber glow over the bread of life. I couldn’t resist snapping a picture, but then I realized we needed more light. That amber glow was accompanied by shadows across the page, and the words disappeared into the haze.

Isn’t that just how it is when we’re walking through the circumstances in our lives without the proper light to give us the clarity of vision that we need to proceed? The metaphor didn’t escape me, so in that moment, I used the flashlight on my phone to give us more light. There was still darkness all around us, but with the additional light, we were able to see our way clear to the wisdom before us.

Let there be light...

Then suddenly the power returned, and light filled the room once again. Undeterred by the darkness, we had embarked on our daily reading anyway. And, our persistence was rewarded by a flood of light to lead us through the rest of our journey. Isn’t that just how God works? Sometimes things get dark all around us, but if we persist, if we employ the tools at our disposal, the Lord will meet us exactly where we are and carry us the rest of the way.

This is what we love about the Lord, those of us who follow Him. This is why we celebrate His birth each year, whether it actually occurred in the month of December or not. He is our Light in dark places. When we focus on Him, He helps us to see life clearly. He is our North Star, leading the way through rough terrain. We rejoice in His presence for He is all around us. We are never alone.


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