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Who are you?

Who are you? You are who you are right now.

But who will you be in the tomorrows that come?

Surely you will mature. Surely you will gain wisdom.

Surely you will evolve. That’s just what happens.

We love differently as we age.

But unfortunately, we are bound by today.

Then when tomorrow comes, it’s too late.

Too late to turn back time. Too late to open your eyes.

Too late to apologize.

Tomorrow is too late to ask the questions why.

Tomorrow is too late to embrace in a way that’s reserved for the wise.

All you really have is this moment in time,

to realize that today’s battles are tomorrow’s demise.

Who are you? Is this who you really want to be?

Is this the image you truly want to see?

When you project into the future, is your picture hazy?

Will your vision be clouded by "if only" or “why me?”

If only you could see today what time will reveal tomorrow.

If only time could stand still as you acknowledge the pain and sorrow.

If only you could have awakened sooner.

If only today’s actions didn’t effect your future.