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The sun will come out

I woke up to a gloomy sky outside of my bedroom window this morning. It was the perfect metaphor for the doom and gloom that surrounds us these days. So, I lingered in bed longer than usual. Why rush to get up?

In this day and age of social distancing, I didn’t have to be anywhere. Nor, was I expecting anyone. There was work to do from home, but my mind has been hyper-focused on preparing for the worst. From the headlines to the group text messages that pop up on my phone all day, I am literally on overload from sun up to sun down.

When the texts started coming in this morning from some dear friends about how stressed out they were, I didn’t feel so alone. So I sort of unloaded on them. (Thank y’all for listening!)

From the comfort of my bed, here’s some of what my index finger typed in response:

"I’m on overload but I have to be because I don’t feel like people are taking this seriously enough. I want to share everything but don’t want to stress out the daughters-in-law any further or get more resistance from Hubby and sons.

"Bottom line for me is I cannot allow myself to spiral. I cannot drive my family crazy. I can’t allow tension between Hubby and me because we differ in our individual approaches to crises. And I can’t let any of us perish.

"But I’m not God. I’m not in control. So I turn even more towards my faith in the One I’ve trusted for over 30 years to guide and protect me through this life. God has proven Himself time and again that having a deep and abiding relationship with Him does not go unrewarded. Even through life’s many challenges, He shows Himself to me. He brings peace and joy in times of trouble.

"So I must rest on that. Continue to operate in faith. And know that God is in control. This text started out to be a response to the stress we are all under. It wasn’t meant to be a sermon. But these are confusing times and someone in this group text must have needed to hear it because my finger would not stop typing.

"Each of you and your families are in my prayers."

After I hit send on that message, I heard a symphony outside of my bedroom window. No matter how gray the skies were, the birds were singing and chirping away as if to say, “There’s beauty in every circumstance. So we're singing this song just for you, to remind you to smile. ”

As the day progressed, the sun began to peek through. “There’s hope,” it seemed to say. “I’m still here even when you can’t see me. The day is still brighter than the night even when there are clouds overhead.”

Then just before it retired for the day, the sun winked at me between the trees. In my mind, it was a sign from God telling me to relax and breathe. So I did. I went for a walk with Hubby, and the birds were still chirping away. I guess they never stopped. And why would they? As long as the sun rises and sets, they will continue to fly. And so should we.