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Gotta have faith!

I get anxious sometimes. And these are scary times in which we live. But this morning, as I was searching though my Bible notes from back in the day...I was reminded of how fervently I used to pray. In the face of adversity, I prayed.

But more importantly, I believed. I believed like a little child, without doubt. That was before I became comfortable...before the blessings began to overflow beyond measure. I admit that my Heavenly Father has lavished treasure upon treasure upon me. I know that my Father loves me. So why am I anxious now?

This little girl and the huge family that He gave her has defeated all the odds thus far. If I lose faith now, then I guess I never really had it. And that’s unacceptable. That’s dishonorable to my Father. So today...even if only for this day...I am blocking out the noise. I’m sending praises to the Lord for filling my life with so much joy.

And I’m capturing this moment in the bathroom mirror after putting on my happy face in the face of so much anxiety and fear all around. I challenge you to put on your happy faces too. Cuz we gotta have faith. And we gotta keep it cute. 😉 🙏🏾😘🙌🏾