About The Blog

The first half my adult life was about raising my 6 kids...period! Along the way, I became more and more fascinated with the Creator. Who is He? What does He want from me? Why does He love me? How can I reach Him? So, I read articles, watched documentaries, and listened to tapes (yes, cassette tapes!) trying to understand the Big Book with all the tiny old English words.


I began this adventure at the age of 21, when nothing seemed to be going right in my life. And I've spent every year since doing my best to put into practice what I learned along the way. Life has had its challenges to be sure, but I've been able to maintain my peace, my sanity, my health, and especially my love. All of that is because of God, no doubt. 


So, now that my season as a mom is fading into the distance, and the autumn of life is upon me, I am dedicating this next phase to Him. By the time autumn turns to winter, all I want to hear from Him is, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." My purpose, therefore, is to stop hiding my light under a bushel. With great reluctance, I am coming out of the shadows to say how awesome a life walking with God truly is. There is no greater love than the love I've received from my Father. There is no artwork created by man that is more beautiful than all the forms of life created by God. My purpose now is to celebrate Him by helping others see just how amazing He is, through the lense of a regular girl. 


Out of obedience, I sacrifice the comfort of anonymity, and offer myself as one who has stumbled, fallen, and risen in my own life, with God by my side. I pray that my experiences can serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement to others who may be in the midst of their own fallen-down-but-can't-get-up moments. 


Thank you for joining my journey!